Boise Valley Commercial Real Estate (BVCRE) is a client-oriented commercial real estate firm providing a commercial real estate and property management services in the Boise, Idaho SMSA. The key to our success is a team of market savvy professionals who consistently deliver effective real estate solutions for both Tenants and Landlords.

For tenants, Scott Nicholson formed Boise Valley Commercial Real Estate to provide responsive service in both Ada County (Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, & Star) and Canyon County (Caldwell, Greenleaf, Melba, Middleton, Nampa, Notus, Parma, & Wilder). Scott is a senior civil engineer, a former Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer (Navy Seabee) who, in addition to his military construction background, spent 25 plus years in operations management, design, and construction. He entered the commercial real estate field after moving to Boise to assist his tenant clients in site selection for their business. Scott works with his tenant clients to make sure they can better understand the importance of lease versus buy decision, site selection, site layout, and build-out opportunities. With his extensive corporate experience negotiating contracts and financial analysis, BVCRE is well positioned to assist it’s clients in thoroughly analyzing candidate properties for either lease or acquisition.

For Building Owners, BVCRE has developed unique marketing approaches that classical real estate firms have been slow to adopt.  BVCRE is small and quick to adopt new marketing platforms well ahead of larger firms. Couple that with our marketing program that shares the risk of tenancy issues with building owners ….oh, you aren’t used to your real estate firm aligning it’s interest with yours?  Let us explain how we work with owners to lower their upfront leasing costs and how we align our business interests with with yours.  We want to be your partner and create a win-win business alliance.

For Real Estate Investors, BVCRE has well over 25 years of financial analysis in a business environment. We understand the analytical process in forecasting income & expense statements and performing sensitivity analyses. Our projections are cautious, our advice is sincere and backed up by business experience.  Real estate is not glamorous in reality. Income is key and proforma projections need to be realistic.  Real estate has a long-term return in the 5% range and if your strategy is to buy high & sell low, you probably need to look for another firm. If you want an analysis of whether an investment has rents above market rates which skew Cap Rates, we can help. Scott has completed all CCIM classes and in addition to his under graduate (with a minor in business), graduate, & post-graduate engineering degrees (he is a member of both Tau Beta Phi & Chi Epsilon), a US Navy Seabee career, and an extensive building design and operations background in addition to his extensive business experience in real estate management.

Scott is known for being detailed oriented and an out of the box thinker. If you’re looking for a seasoned real estate adviser, interested in a long term relationship more than a one time opportunity, a firm dedicated to advising you of your options and alternatives, then BVCRE is probably the right firm for you.

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